So who are “the rest of us” and why do we need hope?! We are the imperfect ones who rely heavily on grace. Unlike the Proverbs 31 woman whose children rise up and call her blessed, our kids just rise up and call us.

60th birthday party
so glad I didn’t have to blow out 60 candles!

We see our heroes (past and present) and wonder why their haloes never seem to go askew or fall off altogether and wonder what’s the matter with me?

Not just in my professional life as a speaker and writer but also in my personal life as a wife, mom, gram, friend and church member, I found out the hard way that “one yes at a time” is the only way I can do this thing called faith. If, like me, you want to follow God too, perhaps you’ve also discovered that it’s not as easy as you once thought.

You may have been taught, early on, as I was, that God loves you and has a plan for your life and all you need to do is give Jesus control of your life and everything will fall into place. So what happens when you invite Jesus in and try to follow and things don’t fall into place like you thought they would? Here’s what happens: you change from someone who is sold out to someone who drops in, drops out, or fakes it. In other words, the further you drift from God, the less involved you want to be with your spiritual community.

Is this your story? Did you jump on Jesus bandwagon as I did with great fervour and passion only to find yourself taking a wild and scary ride that you weren’t prepared for? If this is your story, it doesn’t have to be the end of your story. This blog’s aim is to provide regular encouragement, practical help, Biblical inspiration, and some grins to fellow God-followers. Subscribe now and you will receive posts that will give you the boost you need to keep you on track.