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Flying First Class Ruins You

Don’t ever fly First Class. It’ll wreck your future trips “in the hold”. Gerry and I were upgraded to First Class for our 9-hour trans-Atlantic flight a few days ago and Oh My Goodness! They feed you until you could burst and ply you with drink. Then they tip you back in your recliner seat and cover you with a duvet – forget those see-through rags you have to fight for in Row 23 — a DUVET for Pete’s sake! Yes sir. No Madam. More drinks? Appetizers? Hot snacks? Ice cream and Fresh Baked Cookies!? With one hand gripping the remote control on your personal TV and the other stuffing your face as fast as you can, time literally flies! When we got to Toronto we changed planes. We had to sit with the commoners for our last 4 hours to Calgary, I couldn’t face it. Hello Gravol (a.k.a. Dramamine). Goodnight.


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3 thoughts on “Flying First Class Ruins You

  1. You are so funny, but its true. We flew from Venice, Italy to Atlanta on first class and had to go back, like you said, with the commoners from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and oh boy, was I spoiled.


  2. Some years ago I was flying from Boston to Paris for a Christmas vacation in France, Germany and Austria. Just outside Logan airport I slipped a bit on the ice and twisted my ankle. This was in the late 1980s when the airlines treated travellers like royalty anyway, so a helpful employee immediately grabbed a wheelchair and insisted on “pushing” me to the gate (not much security then either… remember those days?). I kept insisting I was fine, just limping a bit, but then — guess what?! The gate personnel insisted on upgrading this wheelchair-bound person to first class. Good grief! What a luxury. Needless to say, that ankle was well healed by the time I landed at Orly!!!


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