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MacBook Baptism

I cut my “computer teeth” on a PC but finally gave in to the pressure from my tech-savvy husband and converted to Apple. I have an i-phone and a MacBook now. Sexy eh? How would I know! But that’s what my 20-something kids say. In fact, it doesn’t matter to me what I use as long as I have live-in full-time tech support. And I do.

But here’s the thing that REALLY made my Apple conversion complete. (Warning: KIDS. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!) img_02131I baptized my MacBook on a 5-hr airplane trip from Calgary to Halifax…. We were somewhere over Lake Superior I think when I dumped a full, hot cup of tea directly into the keyboard of my Brand New laptop. YIKES! The screen went black immediately. I grabbed the MacBook and flipped it upside down, dumping the hot tea on my own lap. OUCH! Gerry grabbed it from me and removed the battery pack. Liquid poured out. We propped it, open like a tent, on the seat tray for the rest of the trip and prayed. We didn’t talk much….

In our hotel room hours later, Gerry aimed the hair dryer  on the keyboard for a few minutes and then announced: “Here goes. I’m gonna fire ‘er up and see what happens.” Like Lazarus, “he” arose without so much as a limp. I’m a believer now!


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4 thoughts on “MacBook Baptism

  1. I am a huge MAC aficionado. They can take a beating and keep on going, which is especially important when using them in a classroom. Just wish I could convince Fresno Unified likewise. They have told me they will no longer purchase MACS, only PCs. They’ve sold themselves to Microsoft and Hewlitt Packard, so what can I say. Your testimony is great.


  2. Our son, Justin, crashed on his bike riding in Vancouver last fall with his MAC in his back pack. It also rose like Lazerus with just a tiny little dent in it.
    We are very Pro MacBook!!(no pun intended!)


  3. Where is Connie? I was looking for you and there you are. I like the new banner on your Blog. See you in San Antonio.


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