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Incredible People

Gloria SloanMeet Gloria Sloan, a church planting missionary to Mexico with a hidden talent as a mariachi singer. “I don’t tell most people that I can sing,”she says “because otherwise I would be spending every weekend performing at festivals and parties and events. I need my time for church planting and raising my 3 kids. I’m a widow.” Then Gloria told me some of her incredible story. Her husband’s dream had been to be a missionary in Mexico. It took 10 years to realize that dream and when they finally arrived, Gloria said, she had never seen him so happy. For the next 6 months she hardly saw him as he dove into his new role as a church planter with zeal. Then at a birthday party for their younger daughter at the beach, Gloria’s husband, their oldest daughter, and two summer missionaries were all drowned. As Gloria stood over the bodies of her beloved husband and daughter she felt sick to the point of vomiting but then she sensed a spiritual power enter her and she turned to the gathered crowd and told them with confidence that although her loved ones were gone, she knew where they were and if anyone believed in Jesus as their Savior they could be assured of an eternity with God as well. She clearly explained the gospel and invited people to come to Jesus. Incredible! Ten years later, Gloria is still single and still serving God in Mexico. “God called me to missions long before He called my husband,” she said, eyes shining and face aglow. Like a modern-day Elizabeth Eliot her life speaks even louder than her words.


Christian writer and speaker trying to follow God one yes at a time.

3 thoughts on “Incredible People

  1. Connie
    This is a beautiful and humbling account of a family truly following God’s word. Very courageous. She certainly is beautiful.


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