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God sounds like a three-year-old

TV for the GrandkidsThis is the set-up in our basement playroom where the grandkids can watch TV or DVDs or listen to music…really loud music (thankfully they’re still too young for that). However, even at two and three years old, they know that this simple system is too complicated for grammy to operate. That does not mean it IS a complex system, it’s just TOO complex for me! So they don’t even ask me unless Papa or their parents or someone wandering by on the street is unavailable.

On Saturday, they had no choice. It was me and them. And they wanted to watch a show. I went downstairs with cookies in my pockets in case I needed to bribe them with sweets after failing to turn on the TV.

They scrambled up on their favorite recliner and waited. I grabbed the remote — Satan’s tool in my hands — and pointed it at the system. I pressed one button, then another, then waited and by golly the kids’ favorite show popped up. It was a miracle. I was stunned.

“You DID IT grammy!” Jasmine yelled, jumping from the chair straight into my arms. “Good for you grammy! I proud of you grammy!” She hugged my neck so hard I almost choked and then scrambled back into her chair to enjoy her show.

I hope I never forget her enthusiasm and praise because I have a feeling that’s the way God feels about us every time we attempt something we think we can’t handle, and amazingly, we DO IT! I want to hear His “Well done! You did it! Good for you! I’m so proud of you!” over and over, don’t you? Nothing motivates better than earned praise.


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