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Foolproof your forgetfulness

IMG_0011Have you ever lit a candle and then left the house — for a week? I have. The black ring burned into the varnish of my bureau reminds me of that boo-boo. I’m thankful my house is still standing.

Have you ever put a pot on the stove, on high heat, and gone outside to the garden — for hours? I have. I had to repaint the ceiling after that one — black beans in a pressure cooker have amazing velocity!

Have you loaded up the car with luggage and driven out onto the street to leave for the airport and noticed your front door was standing wide open? In winter? I have.

Have you put a hose in a flower bed in the morning and then gone to bed that night wondering what that whushing sound was before remembering the hose? I have.

I’m dangerous.

Well, I’m happy to tell you there is one thing I never forget — where the chocolate stash is. And that’s what gave me my foolproof plan for forgetfulness. All I do now is write in BOLD letters whatever it is I don’t want to forget and….oh brother, I just remembered that I handed in a prescrption for a refill yesterday and was told to come back in 10 minutes!…gotta go. You’ll figure it out by looking at the picture.


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3 thoughts on “Foolproof your forgetfulness

  1. LOL!

    Ok, this made me feel SO MUCH BETTER! I’m just like you – only my nemesis is usually starting supper and then heading to the computer to check my e-mail…

    I did a speech on this for the humorous speech contest with Toastmasters a few years back. You can see it here:

    I’m so glad to know I’m not alone. The only thing that’s saved my kitchen from burning to the ground is a monitored fire alarm. That, of course, means I’m on a first name basis with the fire department.


  2. Now, really you just mean “A” basket because it would be empty and naked if left out in full view. I’m not the only chocoholic in the family.
    I’ve taken to making lists of things that need to be done not only daily but weekly. I add to it and cross off as necessary. As for the little daily things happening around the house, a walk thru every now and again solves that problem.
    I keep telling myself the upside is that when I’m really old – the kids won’t suspect it as weird behaviour. I’ll just be their eccentric mom.


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