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Hose-Anna and Boo-Boo: a love story

Hoseanna and Boo BooAdmittedly, they’re not a pretty couple. They’ve been around the block a time or two. But it’s the real deal.

It’s probably a good thing Boo-Boo doesn’t see so good with his one remaining eye. I guess you could say he lost the other one from too much lovin’.

His life was pretty empty these last few years…until Hose-Anna came along. She used to be just plain Hose — stretched to the limit most days — before being born again, made new, and renamed.

When Mary Bryant stuffed her used pantyhose in my purse for a gag at a party, she had no idea she was making a way for her beloved Boo-Boo to have a second chance at love. Congratulations Mary. Thanks for the photo.


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2 thoughts on “Hose-Anna and Boo-Boo: a love story

  1. You guys are crazier than a bag of hammers, but God knows I love you both so much XO Greetings from Halifax XOXOXO I’m having my surgery for Knee replacement on October 19th please remember me in prayer !


  2. Connie, did I tell you that Boo-Boo and Hose-Anna are up here with us? I had to bring them so I could keep an eye on them. Besides that, they overheard us talking about being here for a long time and both of them pitched a fit and wanted to come. So in order to have peace and quiet our last few days in Kentucky, we just brought them with us. I do not like for Boo-Boo to get upset. When he gets too upset, he has to go back on his ulcer medicine. I do often wonder how strong Boo-Boo’s commitment to the Lord is, because his language at times (when he is upset), leaves alot to be desired. I threatened not long ago to wash his mouth out with soap but then he looked at me so pitifully with that one eye, that I relented. Trust me, he is 99% better than he used to be before he met Hose-Anna! She has been very good for him. Thank you so much for making her for Boo-Boo!


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