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California Dreamin’ — the zipline

The last time I did something daring at a women’s retreat was 15 years ago when I scaled a climbing wall. I’m not a risk taker. I’m a fraidycat. So when I found out there was a zipline at the camp where I was speaking in California last weekend I didn’t even consider it. Several of my new friends asked me if I was going to try it. I said I wasn’t. I’m too old, too stiff, too tired, too busy…in other words scared spitless!

But what is it about scary things that attract us? I decided to walk up the mountain to where the zipline was, just to look. I was wearing sandals and when I got there was told I couldn’t ride with open-toed shoes.  Whew! Saved by inappropriate footwear. Then a woman offered to loan me her shoes. And another woman, 10 years older than me, told me how much fun it was. Before I knew it, I was gussied up like a Thanksgiving turkey headed up to the tower where I would be hooked up and shoved off — well, not shoved but encouraged to leap.

It took me two tries before I could fling myself into outer space. But once I was airborne I felt like I was born to fly! Wowzers what a thrill! The ride was over way too soon. With lots of cheering from fellow zippers below, I came back to earth with a whole new attitude. What’s next? Bungee Jumping! I am SO kidding.


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6 thoughts on “California Dreamin’ — the zipline

  1. Connie, I white water rafted on my 50th birthday! I am sooo going to try zip lining one day now that I’ve seen this. Love your expression!


  2. Greetings from B.C. …I just went down the zip line at Rockridge Canyon a few weeks ago. You’re so right…the plunge into outer space is unnerving…but so cool to come home & tell the kids about! Savannah just went to History Maker in Langley… the theme was about being fearless. One speaker told the story of a bunny running after a German Shepherd (not a Lutheran Pastor) to defend its babies. God wants us to be fearless…today…the zip line…tomorrow…hmmm…God only knows…but as long as He leads us we don’t need to be afraid. Blessings. Rena Groot


  3. Connie:
    What an awesome story! I could feel the same tension as you approached your fear and then wow – it was over! Good for you. Facing our fears is usually just that “our fears” in other words most of them have no real basis on life but rather just in our minds. Therefore it become even a bigger thrill when we beat it! Good on ya!

    PS: Dod you know the “real” Zipper was invented by a Canadian! Hahaha!


  4. Hi Connie, good on you! Life is too short to waste it on fear. My 70th year adventure? I just got back from visiting Cheryl and Cliff in Maui where I went snorkeling. Not easy when you have ALS and no muscles in your mouth. I got my salt intake for the year, but at least I can say ‘I did snorkel’. Even saw some fish!


  5. Fun to read about your zipline experience! My daughter and I got a good laugh at the pictures. Next time we do the giant swing…..even if we need to borrow other’s shoes to be “legal” with Nate!


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