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Secrets to a Whiter Smile Anyone can Afford

She wasn't born with teeth this white

The first person I met at Beach Church in beautiful Myrtle Beach was Kelly Sturgill. As soon as she smiled I had to put my sunglasses back on! I couldn’t resist: “Were you born with teeth that white?”

Smiling even bigger, Kelly immediately said “No!” and then proceeded to tell me exactly what she did to get and keep such a gleaming grin. I couldn’t believe it could be that easy or that cheap. I asked her permission to take her photo and blab her secrets and she graciously agreed.

Secret #1

Buy a sports mouth guard for $10 instead of getting a custom made mold from your dentist (like I did) for $150. Follow the directions on the package of the mouth guard to immerse it in boiling water and then mold it to fit your teeth.

Secret #2

Buy teeth whitening gel syringes online for as little as $5 instead of getting them from your dentist (like I do) for $20. Don’t follow the directions that tell you to put a dot of gel into each space on the mold for the teeth you want to whiten. There is a better method that uses less gel and has another benefit…

Secret #3

Using your finger, or a Q-tip, spread the whitening gel onto the front of the teeth you want to whiten, being careful not to apply more than you need or to get any gel on your gums. This method saves on gel, making it go farther, and saves your gums from the sensitivity that comes from contact with the gel.

Secret #4

Place the mouth guard on as soon as the gel is applied to your teeth and wear it as long as you want — even overnight — because it will not make your gums sensitive as long as you keep the gel away from your gums.

Secret $5

Bleach your teeth once a day for as long as you want (30 minutes to overnight) for 30 consecutive days. Then only do a maintenance bleaching once per month after that. Your teeth will stay very white as long as you also pay attention to the last Secret…..

Secret #6

Drink all dark-colored drinks through a straw, bypassing your teeth. Coffee, tea, grape juice or any other liquid with deep coloring must be sipped through a little stir stick so that it lands behind your teeth and does not get a chance to discolor them.


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