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God-given dreams

My doorbell rang last Saturday about noon. It was a friend coming to pick up something from my house. He was holding a FedEx package in his hand that he’d noticed on my doorstep and handed it to me in greeting. After he left, I reached into the padded envelope and pulled out the first copy of my new book, Following God One Yes at a Time.

Gerry noticed the book sitting on the island when he came home soon after and that’s when the family went into high gear. Within hours a feast was prepared, flowers and gifts appeared and the local clan assembled to celebrate the realization of this, God’s dream for my life. There were prayers, toasts and a reading resulting in lots of laughs and a few tears of gratitude and joy.

As mentioned before, I dreamed of being an author in my twenties and this dream — from God — was not realized for almost three decades. But God’s dreams don’t die. Instead He brings them to fruition in His own time. In the meantime I was busily pursuing other dreams He had given me, some of which were: to be a stay-at-home mom, to be involved in my church, to provide healthy meals at a reasonable cost, to have the freedom to volunteer, to home-school our son for a few years.

So how do you know if the dream is from God? If you can answer these questions with a yes, then you can be pretty sure it is His dream for your life and not your own bright idea:

Does it line up with Scripture and honour Him?
Does it line up with who you are and what you can do with His help?
Will the pursuit of the dream bring you closer to God?
Will the pursuit of the dream make a difference for good in the world?
Will the realization of the dream encourage and develop your faith in God?
What are your dreams? Whether it’s the desire to build homes for the needy, to adopt a child from overseas, to have a marriage that satisfies, or to be the top producer in your field, if it is a God-given dream, you can know that He will lead you to make it a reality.


Christian writer and speaker trying to follow God one yes at a time.

3 thoughts on “God-given dreams

  1. CONGRATULATIONS…what Joy.! I share your excitement and journey. If you would like me to do a blog interview with you and promote this book, please let me know.
    I am so grateful for our connection and friendship.
    Enjoy my friend…Hugs


  2. So happy for you Connie! You are such a gifted writer, and I often find myself thinking “How would Connie phrase this?” as I do my own writing. Looking forward to reading the new book!


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