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Following the Fitness Dream

Abbie McDonald, always "on the ball!"

“But, what will people think if I _________?” (Fill in the blank with everything from “quit this job” to “marry this person” to “buy this car” to “take this second helping!”)

Ever asked yourself that question? Ya, me too. Hundreds of times. That was the question that almost became the barrier between Abbie McDonald and God’s dream for her life. Abbie feared that her family, her colleagues, her friends, or even casual acquaintances might think she was foolish for walking away from a stable, successful, secure, well-paying career she had trained for in university. She feared they might question her work ethic if she left her job because it no longer held her interest and because she was looking for a better balance between her husband’s shift work and her daytime hours. And she also feared they might think she was foolish to quit a “sure thing” before knowing what the “next thing” was.

But deep in her heart, Abbie had a sense that God had something new, something more satisfying, something uniquely suited for who she was created to be in mind. So she took a risk, said “yes” to God and “no” to her job and resigned as program director for the Bragg Creek Community Association.

Then the doubts hit. Big time! But God made sure Abbie knew she was on the right path — His path. At her going-away lunch, her colleagues presented her with a beautiful painting of Banded Peak they had commissioned from a well-known local artist and pastor, Dave Zimmerman. On the back, pastor Dave had penned a personal note under the heading “A Brand New Day!” It was exactly what she needed to hear. She felt courage and peace even though she still didn’t know what her new role would be.

What now?

“I’m a big believer in loving your work,” Abbie says. “So, I asked myself the question: What is something that I do in my life that I am passionate about? What makes me happy and brings me joy? And… guess what I very easily came up with? Fitness & Health! I believe God gave us one chance with the bodies we have and that our bodies are gifts from the Lord that we ought to take care of.” After a busy summer of volunteering, Abbie signed up for courses that led to her AFLCA certification as a Group Fitness Instructor.

Within a few months a joint business venture was born: Trinity Fitness in conjunction with her husband Cam’s longtime business Trinty Tae Kwon Do began in January of this year. Abbie’s first season of offering classes as well as coaching individuals as a personal trainer has brought her many new relationships and so much satisfaction and joy as she has seen people moving toward a healthier lifestyle with her help, encouragement, and involvement.

As well as teaching group fitness classes at Lifestyles Fitness Centre in Cochrane AB, Abbie launched a speaking career. I was delighted to be a participant in her workshop on fitness and nutrition where Abbie gave an engaging, informative presentation to a large group of women of all ages at the Women’s Weekend hosted by Worsley Baptist Church. She repeated the workshop at a church in Grande Prairie the following day. I was so impressed with the way Abbie tailored her talk to suit the milieu as well as the clientele — it showed a professionalism and audience connection not usually evident in such a young speaker. Her future is bright!

If you are looking for a personal trainer who will really care or a workshop leader who will come prepared to meet your unique needs, contact Abbie McDonald at You won’t be disappointed.


Christian writer and speaker trying to follow God one yes at a time.

4 thoughts on “Following the Fitness Dream

  1. Speaking as someone who is enrolled in Abbie’s fitness classes, she is awesome! Very inspiring and encouraging and takes great pleasure in busting my butt 2 times a week! Thank you Abbie and keep the great work! Thanks Connie for writing about our sweet Abbie!


  2. Now, if Abbie could just get her mom (me) going! She is inspiring me, though, and I am so proud of her for following her dream and allowing God to lead her in a new direction. Way to go Abbie!


  3. Congratulations, Abbie,
    I am glad you are following God’s promise for your life. I am sure you will be a great inspiration to others. Just knowing what you are doing inspires me to make positive changes in my life.
    Your Auntie Diana


  4. Abbie,
    I am so glad your Mom shared this. I am so proud and happy for you that you have found God’s calling on your life. You are a precious young woman and have such a beautiful spirit. I know you will do well!
    Love you,
    Aunt Jeanne Beth


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