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Finding His dream in your “Yes God” moments.

“I’m throwing off the lie I’ve believed about who I am – too fat for anyone to want – and embracing the truth that I am exactly who God created me to be!” These were the words on the first little 2×3 inch card I pulled out of the dropbox  where women had been depositing “My Yes God Moment” cards all weekend.

Here is a sampling of more: My Yes God Moment…

  • is to get help for my addiction. Please pray for me.
  • is to tell my sister how much her speech and actions have hurt me and then to let her know I have completely forgiven her.
  • is to end my spiritual drought by just writing on this card and putting it in the box.
  • is to stop filling every day with a commitment and to slow down
  • is to work in the nursery so moms can absorb God uninterrupted.
  • is to continue in women’s ministry even though I was planning to step back.
  • is to stop overbuying and get out of debt.
  • is to look for the tools to help my husband with his alcoholism.
  • is to take voice lessons so I can sing in the worship team
  • is to share Jesus at work even though I’m scared

Rewording our Yes God moments helps us visualize the dream God has for us. Moving from “what I need to do” to “what God wants for me” changes our perspective so we can see things His way and say God’s dream for me is…

  • to know I am beautiful and worthy of love
  • to find serenity
  • to have a restored and renewed relationship with my sister
  • to experience God
  • to find rest
  • to serve Him in the church
  • to rediscover my passion for helping women grow in Christ
  • to live debt-free
  • to help my spouse find healing
  • to glorify Him with my musical gift
  • to overcome my fear of witnessing

God’s dream for me” is where He wants to take you. Think of it as a destination, an end point, the peak of a mountain you cannot climb alone. So how do you get there? Hand in hand with Him, one yes at a time.

What’s the first yes? One simple, immediate, possible step will get you started. Ask God to show you that first step. If you don’t know where to find God, look for Him in God-habitats like the Bible, communities of faith, Bible study groups or guides, godly influences, online preaching, Christian books. But don’t stop there, be a keen observer of your everyday encounters – who you are with, what you are hearing, what you are reading, where you are going – God has a way of putting answers in our path and then opening our spiritual eyes to see them right in front of us.

Kelsey told me that her first “yes” was to bake a cake for a baby shower. That cake represented her first step toward healing from deep bitterness and disappointment over her own inability to conceive. She didn’t “do” baby showers — hadn’t been to one in a
decade — but God was leading her to a place of wholeness and renewal and she was ready to follow Him straight into her kitchen with her first yes.

What’s His dream for you? Are you ready to start pursuing it? Ask Him to show you the first yes.


Christian writer and speaker trying to follow God one yes at a time.

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