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Heading into Lion Territory: do you use fear as an excuse?

I was in a hurry this morning — still am — so when I saw today’s Bible reading plan — Prov 22-24; 2 Cor 8 — my first thought was, “I’ll skip the Old Testament stuff and just see what Paul (the apostle and writer of Corinthians) has to say.” But something stopped me, either the Holy Spirit or my penchant for following the rules or both. And I opened my Bible to Proverbs and began to speed read chapter 24 (if I’ve gotta read it, it’s gonna be fast! Great attitude eh?)

I got as far as verse 13 and Whammo! The slacker says, “There’s a lion outside! I’ll be killed in the streets!” I was pinned. It hit me: how often do I use my fear as an excuse for not changing a behaviour, a habit, an attitude, a practice? Too often! It’s far too easy for me to look at where I could be, where God wants to take me, and back away in fear. 

Fear is real and I’m not trying to downsize it’s power to paralyze or its crippling effects. I have battled it all my life. However, I also know that fear can be overcome because, with God’s help, I’ve done it. But perhaps I use fear as an excuse long after it’s lost its grip. Why would I do this, I wondered? It’s the easy way and the easy way is…well, easier!

Fear’s greatest weapon in my life has been it’s ability to sap my confidence — to convince me I can’t change. So while I was absorbing the dawning truth that I sometimes blame my fear for avoiding change when in fact, I am just too lazy to work at it, God sent me this verse as His warm embrace: I have instructed you today–even you–so that your confidence may be in the Lord. (Prov 22:19) Aaahhhh. Thank you Father that You never call us to do anything alone. Hand in hand, heart to heart, we walk this faith journey together.

Holding on to Jesus’ hand, I’m heading out into lion territory — how about you?


Christian writer and speaker trying to follow God one yes at a time.

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