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Why Can’t I See God?

Here is a sample of the type of email I get on a regular basis:

For the last few months I have been feeling so lonely and dry spiritually. Sometimes I feel guilty because God is so great to my family and me. I am not trying to walk away from God but then why am I feeling so dry and lonely? I want to be authentic and don’t want to pretend. 

What’s wrong with me?  

I read my Bible and pray. Maybe I don’t do it right? I miss that deep connection with God! What is the lesson I need to learn from this? How can I make my way out of this spiritual wilderness and get back to intimacy with Christ?

 I saw the note on your website about the free book offer. Will you send me one? Can you please give me some advice and guidance on what to do? I need some help.  Please help me. 

I put a copy of From Faking it to Finding Grace in the mail right away. Below is some of the response I sent to this e-cry for help:

When we feel disconnected from God, the truth is our “connection” is unchanged. We are still held firmly in His grasp regardless of how we feel. Truth does not change but feelings are blown about like sheets in the wind. Stake your life on the truth and even tell yourself out loud Scriptures like this:”let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith” (Hebrews 10:22a). 
There is no doubt that Satan wants you to feel alone and disconnected from God. He does this by taking our focus off God and getting us to focus on ourselves, specifically on our feelings. Look up Luke 22:31, 32 and after reading that verse a few times, read the whole chapter to get the context. I realize now that my 10-year wilderness season was not something to be ashamed of but rather it was a season of sifting that God allowed so that I could understand and help others who also go through spiritual dryness. “And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers/sisters” (Luke 22:32) — this is why I wrote From Faking it to Finding Grace.
Start a journal and call it “My One Good Thing About God” book. Each day write one phrase of praise in your journal. Start small. You could say, “One good thing about God is that He made beautiful sunsets for us to enjoy.” Just write something simple each day — something praiseworthy about Him. Each week, take a few minutes to look back and read what you’ve written. I guarantee you that you will be amazed at the good things that God will reveal to you day by day. Bit by bit you will change your focus from your disconnection and loneliness to His holiness and love. Bit by bit you will again learn to praise Him. Praise by praise you will begin to feel closer to Him again.


Christian writer and speaker trying to follow God one yes at a time.

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