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Three Ways I’m Minimising in January

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed I am on a minimalist jag. In fact, I have been a minimalist most of my life but it was never in fashion before. I used to be pitied for my insignificant hoard but now I’m considered clever for my sparseness.
Initially my minimalism was forced upon me. I married a preacher. Not the fast track to amassing wealth. But eventually I discovered that owning less was actually my natural rhythm. I abhor clutter and found myself constantly decluttering my own home and the homes of others who turned their back for a minute!
I am reposting a blog by a fellow minimalist I’ve just discovered because she says what I want to say with fewer words–minimalism at its best!
I like her ideas but must confess I still use a laundry hamper but mainly because my husband generates more laundry than a newborn and it needs to be contained somewhere. If, like the blogger, you live alone (she has a cat) you may be able to toss your hamper.
Also, I use homemade laundry soap my daughter makes so instead of paying $20 for a large jug of liquid, we pay about $1 for the ingredients (I will share the recipe in a later blog). I have used this detergent for a few years and I see no difference in the cleanliness or brightness of my laundry.
And finally, I always wear my clothes at least twice or three times before washing them. I live in a cold climate, do not sweat easily, wear loose fitting clothes and always hang things up after wearing them so they can air out. You might want to ask my family if you want the “whole story” but I do not think I pollute the room and my clothes do not wear out as fast. In fact, only children wear out their clothing. Adults “wash out” their wardrobe.
Here is what asmallwardrobe has to say:


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