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Minimal Moment — does anyone still Spring Clean?

Is the concept of Spring Cleaning outdated? I don’t know anybody younger than me who does it. Growing up, it was an annual ritual.

  • Beds were dismantled, bed frames scrubbed, mattresses whacked and aired outside.
  • Walls and baseboards were washed.
  • Cupboards were emptied and scrubbed.
  • Closets were cleaned out and unused items were purged.
  • Area carpets were taken outside and thumped soundly.
  • Wood furniture was waxed.
  • Silver was polished.
  • Wood floors were stripped of wax and rewaxed.
  • Doilies were removed, washed, starched, ironed and returned. Oh my, yes!

Nowadays, we don’t spring clean. We move.

If we don’t move, we try to keep up all year long when our jobs, kids, and social media release us for a few moments.

If you are ready to grab your home by the throat and show it who’s really BOSS, keep reading. Sue Anderson, a professional organizer and friend, asks Six Great Spring Cleaning Questions that do not include rubber gloves in her latest newsletter; I would like to share these as today’s Minimal Moment.

  1. Have I used this lately? If you haven’t used or worn something lately, chances are you’re not going to use or wear it anytime soon either!
  2. Are you really going to do that project? We all buy things we think we’re going to use for this or that but we never really get around to using them. If you haven’t used something as planned, and it’s been hanging around for an extended period of time, it’s time to let it go!
  3. Do I even like this? Notice your entire physical and mental response to this question as you ask yourself this about each item. When your entire being lights up at the thought of something, you should hold on to it. When you find yourself trying to talk yourself into why you like something, those are the items that should go.
  4. Does it serve a purpose? As you look through your stuff, be realistic with yourself about whether or not something serves a real purpose in your life. If you’ve had something sitting in the very same spot for more than 12 months, chances are it’s not serving any purpose for you and should be donated.
  5. Would someone else benefit from owning this item more than I do? This is usually the question that helps push people past the point of holding on to things they are having a hard time letting go of even though they know they don’t need it. There are TONS of people out there that need your stuff. (See The Stuff Stop.)
  6. How many of this item do I have vs how many of this item do I really need? If you have 20 pair of blue jeans and wear the same 2-3 pairs all of the time, you probably don’t need 20. (We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

Visit her, sign up for her newsletter and order her book, The Truth about Clutterhere.


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