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Overwhelmed by Gratitude

Jasmine has been home for a month. When we brought her home she needed a wheelchair because she was so weak she couldn’t take more than a few wobbly steps.

on our way home!

Today she is at Callaway Park with her school classmates!

The first few days at home were unnerving since Jasmine was vomiting for no discernible reason. A headache almost brought us back to the hospital but the pain stopped after another episode of vomiting. We were all on a knife’s edge for days.

Anita arrived from Louisiana and everything calmed down (and was a lot more fun!). Jasmine did NOT get Eli’s chicken pox. She and her mom left my house and moved home and things slowly took on some rhythm.

Jasmine was being seen by Home Care nurses daily until her antibiotics were finished. Their regular visits were a great comfort to us because they could be an extra set of eyes to make sure all was well.

IMG_5061 2
Getting her first manicure now that her blood counts are up!


Jasmine and Alexis modelling Jasmine’s wigs. Jas is wearing the one made from her own hair.

Jasmine gets stronger and stronger each day. The physiotherapist recommended some exercises, none of which she did of course, but on her latest visit she remarked that Jasmine was doing “physio” by living her normal “kid” life! She jumps on the trampoline, jogs between our houses, has friends over for play dates, walks the dog, and goes up and down the stairs at home hundreds of times.

All this time I keep thinking “someone” needs to let faraway friends know how great Jasmine is doing. But I am so emotionally shaky and physically tired that all I could do was write a short report thinking I would soon have the time and energy to be more forthcoming.


I still can’t face the box of thank you cards that need to be written and sent. The reason I need a BOX for thank you cards is because there are SO MANY people who have been so wonderful that it takes a box to hold all the cards! But every time I look at it I feel a bit sick because it catapults me back to the gut-wrenching hospital days when we were trying to help Jasmine endure the suffering of the cure. To the wonderful people who did (and DO) generous acts of kindness for us: You are not forgotten!

IMG_6068 2
Jasmine and Illiana swimming at Pine Lake Salvation Army Camp.


This past weekend, Jasmine and Eli came to family camp with Gerry and me. Jasmine swam in the pool, played ping pong, and hung out at the playground and fire pit. She had a hearty appetite and enjoyed all the camp meals as well as the snacks we brought along. 


IMG_2831 3
On our way to camp we HAD to stop for some “Asian fusion” in Carstairs.

Yesterday I drove Jasmine to her school so she could make the draw for the winner of another fundraiser the school did for her. I was fine! Happy! Excited Jasmine would see her friends and be back at the school she loves! We walked into the office and a teacher met us and told us how much money they had raised for Jasmine and I lost it.

I could NOT get a grip on my emotions. I couldn’t take photos. I tried to video Jasmine calling the prize

Jasmine drawing the winning ticket for Westjet flights for two. And the winner is…!

winner but was so shaky I cut off the video after a few seconds. Finally I just sat down in a chair and mopped my eyes while Christine chatted with the teachers and Jasmine hung out with friends.

I was a wreck for the remainder of the day.

But what set me off wasn’t sadness, it was overwhelming gratitude and joy! In the past month since Jasmine’s release I have lost a writing/speaking colleague (my age) to a heart attack and another friend has had a recurrence of cancer and started chemo this week. I am reminded every day how blessed we are!

At Butterfield Acres displaying the colours of her favourite bird.

These next two years, while joyous beyond compare because we have Jasmine with us, will have a small shadow ever lurking. AML is a difficult cancer to cure and one in four people have a relapse in the first two years. Of course, we pray that Jasmine is in the majority, the three in four who do not relapse.

Also, Christine has her own journey of healing which she has embarked on already. After being a ROCK for Jasmine for four months, she has some residual scars that need addressing. As do I. My out-of-control emotions at the school yesterday revealed I still have a ways to go to find rest.

IMG_5046 2
So happy to be able to touch animals again!

But for those who have blessed us, prayed for us, overwhelmed us with kindness beyond description, thank you! Our prayers have been answered and Jasmine is thriving! God has shone His light through you all and we have had our load lightened and our hearts encouraged.



Christian writer and speaker trying to follow God one yes at a time.

15 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Gratitude

  1. Wow Connie! I can’t hold the tears back as I read this. I remember when Max had had his second open heart surgery. I had held it together for days and suddenly the emotions came pouring out. It’s better to empty our cup and be refilled with the peace of our Heavenly Father than to hold the emotions in not allowing Him to fill us. What a blessing it is to see Jasmine’s smiling face. I will continue to keep praying for Jasmine, Christine and your whole family as you heal and enjoy each new day. Debbie Shelton

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  2. Think of you all Often! Still praying. My little dog and I went for an early AM walk today and was wishing my friend would join us! The mornings are soooo heavenly, fresh and new just like God promise to us. His mercies are new EVERY MORNING!
    PS Need more raisins?

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  3. Thank you for the update Dearest Connie! God is so Faithful! We are so very grateful to Him also, our Rescuer.
    We will continue to pray for you and the family. Please let the cards be a reminder of how much you are loved! No need to send thank you’s. I’m sure everyone would rather you get your much needed rest and health!
    Love and hugs, take care of yourself! Loraine and Keith

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  4. I really love reading everything you write and have especially looked forward to reading how you ALL are doing in this journey! This blog is no exception. I understand those tears and the emotions of gratitude to people known and unknown and to God!! You didn’t even have to explain. We are thrilled to hear about jasmine’s healing and will pray there will be no reoccurrence. As always I love you and look forward to anytime we might have tea🤔 or cocoa together again!

    Sent from Email app for Hotmail

    Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 12:41 PM -0400 from Hope for the Rest of Us :
    Connie Cavanaugh posted: “Jasmine has been home for a month. When we brought her home she needed a wheelchair because she was so weak she couldn’t take more than a few wobbly steps. Today she is at Callaway Park with her school classmates! The first few days at home were unner”

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  5. Ooops. The email about having Cocoa again was from Elizabeth Robertson.

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    Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 12:41 PM -0400 from Hope for the Rest of Us :
    Connie Cavanaugh posted: “Jasmine has been home for a month. When we brought her home she needed a wheelchair because she was so weak she couldn’t take more than a few wobbly steps. Today she is at Callaway Park with her school classmates! The first few days at home were unner”

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  6. YAY……..Glad she is getting through this with success so far……..Praying everything is going as planned XO She is going to be such a testimony for the LORD XO

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  7. Hi Connie, thank you for your update on the status of Jasmine, Christine and your health. I am overwhelmed with feelings for all of your family. But hey, I can help you with your cards. I own it is important to you. Just call me and I can pick some up. It can be a team approach. Hogs and lo e, Diana

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  8. Dear Connie, thank you for the update on the state of your health, as well as Jasmine’s and Christine’s. It is all a miracle that you have come this far in just a few months. Myself, I am overwhelmed with all that has passed, let alone how your family feels.
    And hey, I can help you with your cards. I can pick some up, a few at a time. It can be a team approach. Please let me help.
    Hugs and love 😻💕

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  9. Debbie’s right, Cav. Let those healing tears out. I’m deliberately avoiding contacting you because I know so many in so many countries are doing so, but know you and everyone there are in my prayers. Jas looks so like her mom! Praying especially hard after this blog of yours for Christine. She needs time and space to rebuild. Let her know I love her!

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  10. Thank you so much for this update, Connie! I praise God for a positive outcome with Jas and continue to pray for His healing hand be upon her. I also pray for you and Christine, in particular as you work through this past season. I am thankful you each have God to help you process your feelings and emotions and learnings. God bless you as you continue to represent Jesus to many! Hugs, love and prayers.

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  11. So wonderful to hear of Jasmine’s progress as she continues to heal and grow stronger. Love to you all. God is such a good Father, gracious in all of His ways. We rejoice with you.
    Wade and Josephine

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